Welcome to Sunderland Community Church!
We’re delighted that you dropped by. Here are a few common questions you might have and our answers….


What time is your service?

We meet at 5pm on Sundays, at St Andrews Methodist Church, Southwick. The service usually lasts for about an hour, but often people stay for a cuppa afterwards too. See our location on our contact page.

Do I need to bring a Bible?

If you have a Bible, it’s always useful to bring it, but don’t worry at all if you don’t have one. We have plenty of spares for you to borrow during the service and take home if you need a new one. Our speakers always quote from the Bible when they talk, however the verses often come up on a projection so you won’t be expected to find the passages if you are unsure.

Do you sing hymns?

Our services always include a time of worship and praise to God. This helps us to recognise who He is, His goodness in our lives, and encourages us and we spend time doing that. We don’t always sing to worship God at SCC, but when we do, everyone is free to join in or to simply listen to the words. The song words are always projected on the screen, so you’re not expected to know it all from memory.

Do you have groups for children?

During the service there are groups for primary school aged children. They do all sorts of things and usually follow the same sort of topics as the adult talks.

How long is the talk?

We have really interesting speakers each week and we always try to make them as engaging as possible. The longest we’ll speak for is 20 minutes.